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But Farrar points out that astrology and birth charts are complex things. While it'd be nice if it were this simple, it's not accurate to say "Virgos should marry Capricorns, and that's final. Make sense? Then read on for a breakdown of different matches, and have fun with what it reveals about who you might end up with.

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As far as defining traits go, Aries is bold, impatient, independent, and always up for something new, Lisa Barretta , an astrologer and author of Conscious Ink , tells Bustle. And as a result, they are well matched with fun and adventurous types, like Sagittarius and Aquarius.

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There is always a sense of exciting challenge with this paring. That said, if Aries is looking to achieve a few solid goals, they might be happiest with Leo, Robert Phoenix , an author and astrologer, tells Bustle. Leo and Aries can do well when it comes to having a family and settling down, since this can be important for both signs. Taurus is defined by several traits, including patience, loyalty, sensuality, and frugality.

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They also really like to be comfortable, Barretta says, which is why they might be happiest marrying a Cancer. When it comes to marriage, this is always beneficial, especially since most breakups are caused by money disagreements. That said, "Scorpio is also a good match for Taurus since this sign is also very private and patient," Barretta says.

Gemini loves to have fun, which is why Farrar suggests they look for a partner who can move quickly, offer stimulating conversation, and keep them from getting bored. This is one sign that'll move on if they aren't feeling excited, so they look for folks who can keep up. Aquarius can be a good match for that very reason. Another good match would be Sagittarius, "since they are both friendly signs and usually have lots of friends that form an interesting social circle," Barretta says, which is perfect for Gemini, since they value being social and surrounding themselves with good people.

As a nurturing, moody, empathetic, and family-oriented sign, Cancer will want a partner who helps them feel safe. And that's why Leo tends to have what it takes to make a marriage work. For this marriage to work, they'll both need to listen to each other and create firm boundaries, so that they both feel secure.

Taurus can also make a great partner, since they are patient enough to wait out Cancer's dark moods, Barretta says. These two have the ability to understand each other no matter what life throws their way, which is a trait that can certainly come in handy when navigating the ups and downs of life. Leo is an incredibly proud, creative, and dramatic sign, Barretta says, as well as one that's protective of their loved ones. That's why they often settle down with Pisces, who also values feeling safe and protected, leading to a marriage that feels secure for both signs. Libra can also be a great partner, since they both share a desire for the finer things in life, Barretta says.

But more importantly, Libra and Leo help balance each other out. Blow off steam through exercise. Let love, romance and fun dominate this week. This is a good time to consult your health specialist, have an annual check-up and get your exercise regimen back on track — and lose those Christmas kilos! Find the time to develop your creative skills, and include them in your work.

A new business venture — perhaps working from home — gets off the ground, giving your long-term ambitions a positive push. Use the same creative skills at home to encourage your family and SO to work with you — although telling your guy what he should be doing may not be the best plan! The atmosphere around you is crackling with anticipation. You want to start a new life and break with the past — but old issues keep cropping up. Sort out family problems so you can move on. Mars in Sagittarius suggests you keep your temper in check, while romance is energetic, volatile and fun.

Financial and business concerns are uppermost as Mars sweeps into Sagittarius. Do you need extra income? For a Leo to fully enjoy themselves in the bedroom, their solar plexus chakra needs to be fully open to the relationship, which means proclaiming your unyielding dedication to serve the monarch of the Zodiac in bed.

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  • Cleanliness is close to godliness for this earth sign. Having shower sex will make your Virgo lover completely uninhibited, as they'll be more open to both of you exploring the pleasure of one another's bodies, without worrying about hygiene. Show your Virgo lover lots of oral attention in the shower to demonstrate your ardor for them.

    Libras love everything about being in relationships.

    The Biggest Turn-Ons During Sex For Each Zodiac Sign That'll Help You Drive Your Partner Crazy

    They are not the kind of sign to shy away from hearing exactly what their partner is feeling — in fact, they need it. Gushing about how happy you are in a relationship with a Libra is basically the foreplay that comes right before the actual foreplay and warms them up for the rest of the night. The early, light touching will open up their obsessiveness and building up your attention gradually will ensure this sensitive arachnid won't feel threatened into scuttling away.

    Tease the Zodiac's wanderer by tantalizing the region of their body that will carry them off on their next adventure: the inner thighs. Running a feather up and down this erogenous zone will stimulate your Sagittarius' sex drive and activate their single-minded determination in your bed.

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    Both Sagittarius and Capricorn are related to movement, so it makes sense that both signs' erogenous zones are in their legs. Where Sagittarius' energy needs to be stimulated in this region, Capricorns needs to be encouraged to wind down. Gently grip and squeeze the muscles of your Capricorn lover's calves and thighs to release their tension and ease them gently from pursuing their work into enjoying their pleasure.

    Sex with an Aquarius can feel a bit like taking a trip to outer space. This fixed air sign loves to be cerebrally stimulated by the weird and the extraterrestrial. Anything about ghosts, aliens, or dream landscapes make for extremely arousing dirty talk for irreverent Aquarius, whose quick wit will leap to meet up with your dirty mind.