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They seek their own reflection in the thoughts of others. These children will do whatever is needed to show other people how good they are, revealing their positive sides. They are looking for praise and appreciation from everyone who is dear to them.

Libra Child — Libra Parent

These children strongly stick to their closest friends and would protect them and secure and strengthen this fellowship. Commonly, these kids lack self-assurance. They are to be confident in what they are doing. Theater may help in this case, for there they can wear different masks, thus finding the one that perfectly suits them.

They will learn how to overcome difficulties. They would improve their interaction with other people, which is of great importance for them, as these identities thrive if collaborating with somebody. These kids are very honest and fair. They wish to make everything fair and square. They ought to make everything plainly just. They may be wrong in making decisions and so, give your children some time to figure out the right way and afterwards praise for choosing what is good. These identities are utterly good at resolving different conflicts.

Afterwards, they become outstanding diplomats. Loving justice, they also prosper as lawyers and judges.

The Best Baby Names for Every Astrological Sign

In the class, they may take a role of peacemakers. Another great problem of the children is their inability to refuse. Many who take advantage in that case and gain what they need. It is essential to teach them the moment, when it is needed to refuse those who don't deserve their help. They have great love to everything beautiful and well balanced. They would seek for harmony in everything. Surround your children with great love, honesty and justice, as well as some pleasant and beautiful things.

One of the amazing things to watch in Libra boys is their aptitude for creating compromise and getting people to work together.

Libra As A Father Personality Traits

The hard part is helping him to realize that life includes conflict and differences of opinion. He strives so hard to look at both sides that he may stall out completely, feeling lost in confusion.

This is not the time to become impatient with him. He needs you as a trusted ear so he can talk through his quandary. Libra loves praise and reward and it shows in how they respond. So, keep the vision of the scales in your mind. Balance is what your Libra child brings to the world but they are also here to better learn this trait as well. Some other things you can expect from your Libra son include artistic interest, a nearly neurotic love of organization and cleaning, an a gravitation toward music. Include some of these ideas when making a space for your child.

Number Vibration Numerology: 6. Libra Element: Air. Libra Flower: Rose , Cosmos, Hydrangeas. Libra Color: Indigo Blue.

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Libra Father — Libra Child

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    Libra Baby, Child, & Parenting |

    The Crab June July 22 Emotional, protective, sensitive, sympathetic — these are some of the qualities associated with Cancer. The Lion July August 22 "Leos are proud, courageous, loyal, and will defend their cubs and their kingdom fiercely," says Tower, who suggests Raina "queen" and Rex "king" for your cubs.

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    The Virgin August September 22 "Virgos are thoughtful, considerate, hardworking, and take a lot of pride in helping others and doing the best they can at the task at hand," Tower says. The Scorpion October November 21 Scorpios are powerful, passionate, and charismatic. The Goat December January 19 Loyalty and ambition and a little bit of stubbornness! More From Baby Names