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Since August , the Leo-Aquarius eclipses have been transforming virtually every area of your life. This cycle finally concludes on Monday, January 21 , during a final lunar eclipse at 0 degrees Leo. As a new eclipse series begins on the Cancer-Capricorn axis — activating your emotional and physical wellness zones, respectively — you will begin to solidify your experiences. For the first time since , Uranus will be moving through Taurus, activating the area of your chart associated with professional aspirations. Uranus is the planet of innovation, revolution, and — perhaps most importantly — unexpected surprises, so watch out for cataclysmic career changes through In fact, sometimes you need to trade immediate comfort to work toward your future achievements, which isn't always a bad thing.

Leo horoscope The Year The Leo Zodiac Sign's Life Changes

Of course, nearly everything you're doing right now requires some serious soul-searching. Most importantly, this cosmic connection will yield profound results on Thursday, January 31 , Tuesday, June 18 , and Friday, November 8 , when you realize that your emotional healing is actually an essential part of your success. Consider cultivating a personal mystical vocabulary that speaks to your soul. Reach out to supportive friends. This is a challenging time and you may find yourself running from facing your issues by distracting yourself with sex and parties, but these are only temporary solutions.

The fact is that a major transformation is taking place, and change is hard for you. You have to show up and face the unknown, even when it's scary. Cutting ties is hard, but you need to cut ties with the past now. This is a rough time, but things get much better, and soon: Sweet Venus and Saturn, the planet of stability and responsibility, connect on December 16 to create a wonderful atmosphere for discussing commitments. Mars and Pluto connect on December 17, creating a decisive, powerful energy that helps you tackle your bad habits and do exactly what this month has been asking you to be brave enough to do: Change!

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The sun connects with electric Uranus on December 20, bringing you a wild adventure. This is rather odd, since I use the Placidus house system. I have 15Leo rising, and in Placidus, Saturn is still going through my 5th house rather than the 6th. We have separate entrances and living quarters, and mine was the only one with a sidewalk from my entrance to the back gate. Not a word about Uranus going through Taurus for the next seven years?

My daughter married this year and her and her husband are expecting to expand their family in , but there is some tension and fear surround this. Love your in depth readings. Cap Asc, Libra Sun, Virgo Moon: The last year I have been put in a position of sole caregiver for my uncle 99 yrs old and my brother-in-law 47 yrs old. I am feeling the isolation of the 12th house activity. My days are consumed with their health issues and no time to care for myself!!

Leo 12222 Horoscope

In the Libra Asc horoscope you mention New Moons are symbolic new beginnings for the next three months. Should be six months, unless one of us misspoke, since that is how long it takes for there to be a New Moon and then a Full Moon in the same sign. I understand the desire not to o repeat or be boring but this is a major movement that will affect all Taurus rising and Sun signs. There is so much focus on the inner planets that the outers tend to be neglected. Just because their influence is not personal they are still capable of changing the culture.

On a different note, good work on the new format. It works well for the individual signs.

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Leo rising. In response to your request for personal stories re. I have chronic eczema and this year it has gotten out of control and has been much more severe than usual. This caused me much frustration and stress and prompted me to see a functional medicine doctor over the summer, to try to resolve this persistent health issue once and for all. I have been on a rather extensive healing plan since then.

Things have gotten much better, though have not cleared up entirely.

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Thank you for your thoughtful, detailed work! I turned 33 in early January , moving into my 10th House profection year.

From January-May, I underwent my 3rd year review, which required months of work assembling a dossier to be reviewed by my department, the provost, and a board of tenured faculty. On May 8 , I received highest rankings in my review. Now I am in the process of applying for a tenure-track position in my department, as Saturn continues to transit my 9th House in my 10th House profection year. Thanks so much for your podcasts, they are so helpful!

I found it interesting what you said about Saturn transiting the 4th house. A lot of my Saturn return has been about revisiting my childhood and restructuring my relationship with my family in order to live more fully as myself. I was born with Saturn in the 3rd house though!

Leo October 2019 ~ MUST-KNOW’S FOR LEO for OCTOBER ~ Astrology ~ Horoscope

But could it all be connected? Libra Asc. Absolutely feeling the Saturn influence in my 4th house. My teen sister moved in with me a year ago, I have no children of my own so the transition has been a rough one for me. Used to my freedom, so the responsibility it heavy. In January my mother a Cap sun will be moving in as well.

Leo 12222 Horoscope

I have always seen her as a restrictive influence in general. On the plus side, she will be assisting with some large home repair projects. The restrictions will literally lead to some home rebuilding. Everyone leaves in two years when my sister graduates…. Sag rising: lots of changes in my 2nd house but also stagnation. Work has been piecemeal but steady. Savings are slow, however started paying installments of a loan towards a massive renovation of my family home which I inherited since Financial concerns have grown as I am trying to save towards a move to another country for higher education.

Subconsciously, really listening for a lot of cues for what to do in terms of jobs. Finally, gave up on 9 to 5 gigs, focused on projects and part-time employment only. Thank you so much for this. So in pretty much every house system except whole sign I also have natal Saturn in the 2nd house instead of 3rd.

A Fresh Forecast Taking You From November 2018 to December 12222!

So fingers crossed on something radioactively benefic lol. A bit morbid I know but I know 3 people who have died recently sharing my birthday or thereabout with this Pluto transit. So dark days ahead possible with Saturn Pluto conjunction coming up at some point. I hope the eclipses put a positive spin on life! I am 30 years old and turning 31 Jan 4th of next year, What is next? I can only hope Jupiter truly shines down. I have hope for my family, my new love, and if my career and new position do not last I will find a way.

I always do..